Monday, October 31, 2011

Preparing for Our Travels

This week has consisted of mainly getting ready to leave the house and come to the states. It’s always a struggle to go away. Buster and Elfie know what’s happening and they follow us from room to room looking worried.

But - even if it’s hard to leave, it’s exciting to think about everything we’ll be doing once we get there! (or “here”, depending on where you are and where we are,when you read this). 

FaerieCon should be SO much fun. Please come and say hello if you see us there. Don’t be shy! I’ve stopped having anxiety dreams and am looking forward to the meditations, the demonstration and the presentations! Maybe it’s because I’ve packed everything up already and I know it all fits in my suitcase. 

We took Elfie on his last treat walk on the moor today, so I’m afraid you get another photo of a stone hut circle. It’s again, a new one we hadn’t seen before, but yes, it does look just like a hut circle. . Sometimes I wonder if they were all very individual to look at when they were first built and in use, or if they were a bit like a modern housing development where everything looks alike. We’ll never know, but I like to speculate on how people thousands of years would have turned their dwelling place into something unique to themselves -if indeed they did. 

I decided to make a Fizgig for Kira since she might be lonely. I’ve never made one before and to be honest, I had a harder time getting a ball of fur to look right than anything else I’ve done. Apologies to the original Fizgig - I think I’ve made a distant cousin. But perhaps Kira will like him anyway. Elfie liked him a bit too much and I had to rescue him after I took this photo. 

I’ll try to keep up with this while we’re away. We’re doing SO much while we’re in the States this time. I’ll let you know where we are as we go through the month. 

And just for you animal worriers - we have wonderful people house sitting for us so Buster and Elfie won’t be lonely and neither will any of the faeries that live in the house. I just had a thought - I wonder if outdoor faeries come in the house when the weather gets cold, like spiders do? Do the regular house faeries mind? So many questions -so few answers. 

Happy Halloween, Samhain, Day Of The Dead, all souls, all saints and anything else you are celebrating this week!


  1. LOVE the Fizgig AND Elfie...theyre adorable! Heres to safe journeys and wonderful times. I hope you'll be here for Seattle FC too since that one will only be a few minutes from my house. It feels like the cons are a better place to get to know people than the outdoor events where everyone is so busy!
    I would like to think the outdoor faeries come in...I know theyre welcome here! Have a fabulous trip!
    Peace and love...Traci (Mermaidlaughing)

  2. My Grandbaby, working at being born as I type this is called Kira. Kira Grace. : ) I know you'll understand why I can't be at FaerieCon. Have a great time!

  3. Ahh, I think our outdoor faeries probably come in during the hot weather here. The spiders do...or at least they used to. I find it not a relief at all, but rather disconcerting that I haven't had to chase a hand sized Huntsman around my bedroom walls with an icecream container (and lid!) for several years. I wonder where they've gone? And have the faeries gone with them? I did just, not ten minutes ago, have to extricate a black house spider from my open wardrobe/hanging space...he'd built an impressive web in there which I'm sure wasn't there yesterday. But I rather miss the Huntsmen (and ladies)...they're an impressive spider to say the least!

    Have a wonderful time in the US...and if there's ever any chance you might make it down-under, please do!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful journey! Wish I could go to FaerieCon...

  5. I don't know if faeries come inside, but a possum did the other evening. Ate some dog kibble. He didn't want to chat.

  6. Oooo that IS something to think about! I'd hope so... I wouldn't want them to get cold. Have a great time at FaerieCon trip!!!

  7. I hope you guys have a safe and comfortable trip~! Very much looking forward to getting to see your work once more in person. :D
    Adore the blog!

  8. I love the photos of the stone circles. Each one is so unique and magical. :)

    Have a safe trip! :)