Sunday, November 13, 2011

Writing while traveling

Well, I’ve learned something. Writing while traveling isn’t as easy as I thought it would be - for me, that is. We’ve been in the states since the first of November, in New York, Baltimore and Michigan and the vagaries of internet connection, etc. have defeated me time and again. Never mind. 

I did manage to take a few great pictures of festivities at FaerieCon that I’ll share with you. We had a wonderful gathering - meeting many old friends and making new ones as well. Our wonderful Gallery owner Heidi Leigh and her daughter Kristie, came as well, bringing catalogues for the exhibition and giving a talk on the show itself. We had such fun ushering them around the Bad Faery Ball and introducing them to the delights of the marketplace! Brian and I are always so happy to talk with people who come to the booth and the workshops.

My sculpting demonstration was a whirlwind of flying fingers and Fimo. Luckily, I had sculpted and cured a piece at home that I could continue working on so that in the end, a rather funny character emerged. I can’t wait to get her home and finish her. I might even finish her in New York if I have a day or two off. 

We’re so excited about al of the events over the next few weeks. I’ll not talk too much about them here since you can now go to the Animazing Gallery website and facebook page and also our website (which is up and running again). Lots of info on all of these sites with links to everything going on.

This is a week of rest for us after a few nightmare travel days. We’re spending time with family and friends in Northern Michigan. It’s wonderful. So very different form Dartmoor, but still, very beautiful with a special magic of its own. I’ve been spending time saying hello to the trees I grew up with. They’re getting ready to sleep for the Winter, but perhaps they know I’ve come to greet them anyway. 

That’s it for now. We are jealously guarding our few days of vacation so it’s time to go and relax! 

I’ll write again from New York – internet connections permitting. 


  1. It was lovely to see you and chat briefly at FaerieCon - as always! I am glad to hear you are having some down time between the Realm and the Apple. While the leaves may have fallen, enjoy the crisp air. seasonal treats, and family!
    (Jenny at