Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome Sebastian

I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since I wrote, but Brian and I have taken time out to get used to being grandparents! Neither of us could quite believe how wonderful it would be. So many people have told us that having grandchildren would change our lives (for the better, of course!) and add an amazing dimension to the concept of family. Sherri and Kevin - Sarah’s parents, certainly told us how great it would be. Well - they were SO right! 

We live with magic as a part of our lives on a day to day basis. We look for the magic in everyday occurrences and magical thinking is something we just do (without thinking about it - if you know what I mean!) but - when Sarah and Toby sent us the first picture of Sebastian Cole Froud, we really had no idea of how profoundly it would effect us. The more than thirty years Brian and I have been together just all of a sudden made even more sense and the fact that our family had just expanded by “one” turned our world into the whole universe. 

I am with Toby, Sarah and Sebastian in Portland at the moment. I am loving every minute of it - even the crying. Luckily, being a grandmother means I get to wear earplugs at night! 

I know that there are faeries hovering all around this little boy - curious, delighted and hopefully ready to help and not make too much mischief. I think they are focusing their mischief making on me instead (since it’s hard for them to only play nicely all the time) because my glasses, my watch, my necklace and who knows what else have all gone missing at various times. It certainly can’t be the fact that turning into a grandmother has made me forgetful! No - I blame the faeries. 

So - We welcome you, Sebastian Cole Froud - into this magical, wonderful world. May you thrive and grow and learn that there is magic to be found where ever you are and what ever you do. We can’t wait to experience some of it with you. 

With love, human blessings and faery blessings upon you and your wonderful and loving parents - Sarah and Toby. 

From Brian and Wendy – or Granna and Grandalf!