Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solstice Greetings

I’m writing this at sunset (or what would be if we could see the sun) on December 21st. Winter Solstice. The mist is rolling in off of the moor and drifting through the lanes and into our garden. On this longest night we are happy to be safe and warm by the fire in the living room, preparing for the holidays. 

We have much to celebrate because Toby and Sarah are with us through the holidays and just into the New Year. We have been blessed with much more manageable weather this year -rain and mist but no snow or ice -but we are prepared to be snowed in with lots of firewood, wine, board games and chocolate. What more could anyone want at Christmas. Well, maybe a turkey. 

We send Solstice greetings and blessings to everyone reading this. May we all be blessed with light and joy in the coming year. 

I took this photo a few minutes ago, just before sunset. I thought it would be a perfect Solstice picture but when I got there it was even more perfect because someone had placed Holly at the base of the stone. 

Here is how Buster prepares for Christmas. He is guarding all of the empty wine boxes we’re getting rid of. He can’t wait for wrapping paper.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Good to be Home!

Well, we’re home at last after an absolutely wonderful five weeks away. We’ve done so many different things, most of which you will already know about if you have been following the facebook pages and the gallery and Henson sites as well. It truly touched our hearts to meet and talk to and with so many people in so many different situations. Thank you all for your support. It means the world to us. 

On our first night in New York, staying with our wonderful friend Guy, we ordered in Chinese food that is our traditional treat after a long plane flight from England. It duly arrived and was consumed with gusto. We ended (as one does) with fortune cookies. As Brian read his, he burst out laughing and said ” well, this couldn’t be more appropriate!” It said “adopt an attitude of gratitude” -and that is just what we did, with such amazing results. Our trip was blessed in so many ways and we are truly grateful for it all. 

But - it’s GOOD to be home! Our house was well taken care of as were Elfie and Buster, but the house missed us, the animals missed us and I think the house faeries did too. They haven’t played any tricks on us yet (I’m touching wood) and the house energy has been so welcoming -except for the boiler and radiators, all of which are making the house sound rather like a ghost ship creaking and groaning on the high seas. I woke this morning to the bedroom radiator sounding like an out of tune wind orchestra -interesting, but not appreciated at 6am. 

We haven’t been out on the moor for a walk yet. We brought bad coughs and colds back with us so we’re staying warm by the fire and luxuriating in British TV. The weather isn’t cold but it’s very rainy and windy and isn’t the sort of thing you want to walk around in. So, we’ll stay in and get ready for Toby and Sarah to arrive for Christmas next week. We can’t wait! I may even do some dusting in their honour. Well -maybe not. 

That’s it for now. But I’ll be writing regularly again now that I’m home. 

Here are just a few photos from our time in New York. 

1.This is obviously our preferred mode of transport. The wackiest stretch limo ride we’ve ever had -to the University of Connecticut and back, having visited the wonderful puppetry department there. 

2.A moment of quiet before the gallery opening.

3.New York Magic - a beautiful carousel in Bryant Park 

4. More New York Magic 

5. My favorite view of the top of Grand Central Station