Monday, October 3, 2011

Clear Skies & Desk

We’ve had a glorious week of sun and warmth! It’s been better than the whole summer. And the best part of it was that we really didn’t have that much work on so we were able to get out and enjoy it a bit. 

I went out looking for “Amanita Muscaria” ( I think that’s how it’s spelled) mushrooms to photograph for you but they don’t seem to be around yet. They are the archetypal fairy toadstool - red capped with white spots. Usually we have loads of the down by the river, but apparently not yet this year. And no - we DON”T eat, smoke, ingest them in any way! We deal with faeries but we’re not crazy (well, we might be).

I took photos of these mushrooms that I liked the look of and thought were toadstools, but found out later were actually really good to eat. I’m not confident enough to pick mushrooms to eat. 

Here’s Brian and Elfie out enjoying the sunshine, sitting on trees that form an old field border. They form into such wonderful shapes after so many years of hedging.

We’re coming to FaerieCon! You probably know that already. We really didn’t think we’d be able to attend this year, but it’s all working out really well. We’ll have lots of new things to share with everyone, about what we’ve been doing and will be doing in the coming year. The line up of artists and writers this year is wonderful. We’re looking forward to sharing panels and exchanging news ( and drinks in the bar after!) with everyone.  

Nothing from my desk or worktable this week. It’s cleared and waiting for a new project. I’m going to have a little break now.


  1. My husband loves the fall because he can roam around our hills 'hunting' for mushrooms. He picks and eats them in omelettes. I refuse to touch the things (however tasty they might be) and keep telling him how furious I'll be if I end up in the local paper for having a husband silly enough to kill himself eating the blasted things.

  2. I'm so curious about the new things you're going to share! I must say that I'm a huge fan of your sculptures and of Brain's paintings and I'm so happy that I have found this blog!

    Greetings from Belgium.