Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy June!

Happy June! As I embark on my forth week of crutches and staying home, I must say that I’m feeling very well indeed and enjoying getting back to doing a bit of work -both writing and making little figures for the upcoming exhibition in Mortonhampstead. I still can’t imagine being able to work a full day - three hours is about my limit - but all in all, it’s lovely being back in my studio.

Since I haven’t been able to get out, I requested that Brian take some photos for you all while on one of his walks with Elfie. The weather has been beautiful, with more flowers than ever now that the warmth of the sun has brought them all out. I really miss seeing the bluebells, but as you’ll see in the photos, Brian captured them for me (and you).

Brian was on BBC Country File last night, talking about art and faeries and actually sitting by the river sketching a bit. He hasn’t done that in quite a while (weather not at all inspiring until recently) but he said that he enjoyed it so much, he may just spend much more time this summer out in the woods, sketching again. If you (in the U.K. that is) missed it, I think you can see it this week on BBC Iplayer - that’s the limit of my technical knowledge of how one does this -so, you’ll have to figure it out.

The photos that Brian took are magical indeed. Each one is a gateway into Faerie.

OK - it’s nap time now!


  1. Gorgeous photos, so swamped with greenery; it looks like you can't move for all the flowers! Nice to see Brian on Countryfile at home in his natural habitat, hehe.
    Hope you make a full recovery very soon, and that the faeries dont see this as an opportunity to cause too much mischief!

  2. Gorgeous work (I wish I could attend to one of your exhibitions some day!)
    And lovely spring photos, I miss the spring :)
    Get better soon, Lady.

  3. Very magical photos indeed! Can I recommend to you the wonderful Goliatha Falls if you are in Cornwall ever - that most certainly will be very much up your street. I go there on occassion. The trees and stones are all covered in moss and the roots twist everywhere and come up through the ground. There is a river through the walk as well. It really is beautiful. Brians paintings have encouraged me to break out my sketchpad again and copy some of his characters. Here is one I did in case you are interested to see it...

  4. So glad you are recovering well.It's a painful thing isn't it? I had 2 knee replacements, but now I feel like a new woman.You will too.
    Love the photos.Sketching is such a relaxing thing to do.Brian probably has been worried about you, and taking the loin's share of chores.Good that he took this time for himself.

  5. Love youre garden, the way is should be everywhere.A lot of elfs and gnooms have a fine place to live in.
    Hope you recover well, take youre time the better it will be.
    greetings from koewacht the Netherlands.

  6. Oh what a lovely garden!!. You know it was memories of The Labyrinth that brought me here!!. I would love to know how the adorable baby Toby is?!!. My name is Shameme and I am (round about) the same age as him!! and when I first watched that film I was glued to my seat!!. I thought Toby was ADORABLE!. I still have it on, I have the Dvd and also play it on YouTube too!. I sadly have an illness and am soon to have surgery in America but my dream is to see you and all the puppets someday!!. I have my own story regarding a certain puppet!!, my own little puppet who I've had all my life (bar one year) is called Clifford and through him I will get my surgery!. I aren't kidding (I wouldn't joke about an illness), the story of my closeness to him is helping me as it's so unusual! so we would get on!. Do send Toby my love, I've seen he works with puppets now!, how nice!!, couldn't be working with anyone better!!. I love my Cliffy!. I grew up as an only child and so we were inseperable!!....still are!!. I would love to here from you someday, I am in Yorkshire if you're ever in the area. Oh and I'm not ignoring your garden,I think I did mention how pretty it was!!, bet the puppets get upto mischief in there!!. My email is if you ever see this and want to say hi!. Your baby was beautiful and sending my love. Shameme (and puppet Clifford)! x

  7. Wow love them! Do you ever go near the sea?

  8. Hi Wendy, up to now I just knew your husbands work and was very enthusiastic about it. In puppets and dolls in contrast I am not interested at all, with very few exceptions. So I began reading this blog (from the oldest post on), just because I was hoping, to see some more paintings or drawings. But, surprisingly, although here you can get maximum a glimpse, I didn't miss them for only one minute! Instead of, your natural surrounding observations with all those prehistoric places and the pictures of your work are really great to look at, and your writing is very poetically, from time to time.

    And let me add something that may sound a bit offending. When I began reading, I first thought: Oh gosh, they REALLY do believe in fairies! They are completely crazy! How can I take them seriously, they're always with their heads in the clouds! Or on the forest floor, in bellflower fields or behind shrubbery for finding gnomes and imps. - But when I thought about it a bit more profound, I came to the conclusion, that people who believe in fairies are much more likable than people who believe in money, what we usually think nothing of.

    To come to an end: I love your both works. We can count ourselves lucky, that there are people like you, to bring a pinch of Tinkerbells glinting elf dust into our lives. Good luck to your family, and I'm looking forward seeing more of your enchanting little creatures. And of course your husbands paintings, too ;)
    Best regards from raindrown Germany

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