Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Dusters Visit

Brian and I went to Lewtrenchard Manor (amazing winter deals!) over night for my birthday last week. It was as enchanting as always and made my birthday extra special indeed. I knew that some of the house faeries would like to come with us and decided on the Dusters. I am currently writing about them and since they have taken up residence on my desk, they seemed like the perfect choice for an adventure in Lewtrenchard. We have no idea of what they got up to when we weren’t watching, but I did catch them exploring the amazingly carved fireplace in our room. It was quite a feat for them to find their way up to the mantle but they seemed to enjoy it and we all made it safely home to Stinhall in the morning. We took Elfie (the dog) with us, which was very exciting for him. He was on his best behavior. 

We had high hopes of getting away with no snow this winter, but alas, it was not to be. Don’t get me wrong - I love the beauty of snow but weighed against a week of being snowed in - well, I could live on memories of snow for a year or two instead of experiencing the real thing again. Having said that, I really DO love it and the beauty of it is always quite astounding. I took a photo at dusk with clear skies and a moon and then like magic, in the morning the world had transformed again. For those sticklers who notice things like that - the moon shot was taken last week (you can tell by the phase it’s in) but it illustrates what I mean! 

Brian and I are feeding the birds twice a day now since they can’t really find anything for themselves with so much snow (with a coating of ice underneath it) and while it is just enchanting to see them all flock to the feeders, it also is a full time job keeping Buster (the cat) from ambushing them and killing them. I know he thinks we are terribly unfair to him - we can tell by his expression of sheer disgust -but I refuse to provide a cafeteria style dinner of six or seven kinds of birds for him to choose from. He is very disgruntled now (I know this because he just tried to bite me as I walked past) and has taken up residence in a cardboard box in the hallway. We are all going to be cooped up in the house for the next few days, until the snow and ice melt, so I’m going to have to convince Buster to play nicely - not an easy task. Never mind. Spring will come eventually.


  1. oh poor buster! wow, what a stunning fireplace, but the Duster's look very unsure! hehe, love it, thankyou! :)
    (well, it's about 36 degrees here today in melbourne, I'd love some snow!)

  2. I'm waiting for the snow, if it doesn't snow, it's not winter! But then I'm a swiss living in Spain, LOL.
    I love your blog!
    I've made some faerie houses a couple of years ago and painted some stuff at hom, I was inspired by Brian's work then.
    This year will be the first year I'll give workshops on faerie houses.


  3. Wendy~ I love the Dusters they are adorable,, I think their distant cousins may have been wrangling dust buffalos in my studio! I have been cooped up with the flu and bitter cold weather,, snow may come tomorrow!

  4. I just joined this blog. I've been an avid fan of you and your husband for many years. I have been disabled for the past 2 years now and am in a helpless feeling frame of mind. I've had my oracle cards and books by Brian for over a year now. I bought them for the art but now I feel a pull from them and am interested in learning more about them. I guess I was scared all of this time being from a strict Roman catholic upbringing, but them the catholics have many paganish festivals etc. I've bought all of brian's books and yours also. your work is unbelievable.. or should I say believable. anyway, I feel a need to be a part of this blog and I kow the faeries are leading me to this direction. I'm excited to be a part of this wonderful place you have.

  5. Oh! Gosh! I love your cat Busters' Cheshire Cat grin. And that fireplace is magnificent, the Dusters look honored to have their photos taken upon it.
    I adore you guys!
    Teresa in California

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