Thursday, June 28, 2012


Sunshine! We haven’t seen it in what feels like forever, but we have it today. Glorious sun, light breeze, quite warm … hmmmm …feels like summer. It also feels like it should come with an announcement saying “appearing for one day only…”  

Fearing that it actually might be for one day only, Brian, Elfie and I went for a walk in Gidleigh Wood - a beautiful nature reserve near us. Huge oak and beech trees, moss covered boulders and wildflowers everywhere. This truly seems like a troll wood. It certainly is home to all sorts of creatures of Faerie, but the combination of grand old trees and rocks makes it especially perfect for trolls. We didn’t see any today but it was enough to walk in the woods and enjoy the sun on the water and shining through the trees. Elfie was so excited, I’m sure he frightened them all away, especially when he fell in the river. 

Part two of the Around The Table with Brian and Wendy is up on the John Barleycorn Must Die blogspot. Have a look (or read). It’s really fun and an interesting insight into how artists think (or don’t think at times!). I wish we had dinners with interesting conversation like this all the time - but we don’t. We’re so tired at the end of a working day that we just sit around and watch TV. I’m telling you this just in case you thought we did REALLY interesting things all the time. Hah! 

Well - I’m finishing this the next day and yes - I was right. It’s raining again. No sun -no summer. The faeries have all gone to Italy or somewhere else where the sun is shining. So - if you are reading this in a place where the sun is out, have a look around you - you may just see some Dartmoor faeries having a little holiday away! 

Just in case you think I just sit around all day complaining about the rain, I thought I'd show you the troll I'm working on for the New York exhibition in October. see? I can work AND complain at the same time!


  1. Oh Wendy, you have such wonderfully inspiring scenery around you! I'm glad you got some sunshine inbetween the raindrops!
    The New York Troll looks amazing.
    Do you have any plans for doing a workshop in the Atlanta area? I can only hope!
    I'll think of you tomorrow when the temp is supposed to crack 100 degrees (I'll be thinking of your rain - HA)

  2. Wonderful post - trees and woods have such a special spirit. Love the Troll!