Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just One More Walk Around the Garden

It’s taken me a while to fully come back after being in Michigan for three weeks. I always feel as though I’ve left part of me still hovering somewhere over the Atlantic, looking for land  - or perhaps looking for whales or pirates. Since it’s a part of me that I can’t consciously seem to communicate with, I have no idea really.

Anyway  - I’m home (all of me) and trying to work again, which hasn’t been very successful yet. It’s not that I don’t want to  - it’s just that I don’t want to – if you see what I mean. It rained almost every day last week and was far too cold for this time of year. That made me just want to curl up and read (which I did) and this week, it’s absolutely beautiful  - sunny and warm(ish) and bucolic , with birds singing and lambs baa-ing and the sounds of the neighbors, trimming their weeds or cutting down trees or what ever that noise is that I don’t really want to go and investigate, but that isn’t terribly conducive to work either.

Elfie is just SO happy, lying in the sun and occasionally getting up to ask me if it’s time for a walk  - and Buster is fast asleep, also in the sun, having spent a very productive night catching mice and bunnies and squirrels and anything that moves slowly enough to catch.

I went into the village this morning and it was still early enough to see dew on the grasses and small flowers in the churchyard. The sun just caught the dewdrops and everything glistened.

When I came home  -after discovering that our car was extremely ill and needed to stay at the garage in the village  - I walked in our garden and found these two faery girls just sitting in the trees, obviously looking at something (or things). I thought it was probably squirrels. I took their photo a few times and discovered, when I downloaded the photos, that they must have been looking at colored orbs floating around the garden. You can see them in the second photo. I don’t know why one of them looks so surprised  - they must see them all the time. 

Anyway  - it’s good to be home in the sunshine. I might even be moved to work a bit later  - but first, just one more walk around the garden and another cup of tea. 


  1. Beautiful post as always. I can sympathize with wanting to do things but not wanting to do them. Sometimes it's more appealing to just sit and soak in your surroundings.

  2. Welcome home Wendy! The garden and Fairies and Trolls and flowers have missed your sunny smile!

  3. I've been bouncing between Ohio and Northern Ireland for the past year, so I understand the feeling of losing part of yourself over the Atlantic for a bit! I just arrived back in Ohio a few days ago, and the sunshine here has been helping me, I've no doubt it will help bring the urge to create back for you, as well :)