Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is Progressing

Usually when I take photos on the moor, I’m with Brian, but yesterday Terri Windling and I took a drive over the moor to see how spring was progressing further afield than Chagford. It was progressing beautifully, I’m happy to report. We stopped at an interesting site called (I believe) Foals Arrishes. It is a series of what must have been pens and runs for livestock, sheep, horses, cows, etc. but it has always been intriguing in design. The wonderful horizontal tree has been a feature of this particular landscape for as long as I have been driving over the moor. It is interesting in any season but I think that Spring, with leaves just beginning to come out must be the most beautiful of all.

We stopped for coffee, which we had in a lovely garden at the back of the Green Ginger Cafe. This little duck sat very contentedly right near our feet, waiting, I suppose, for crumbs. Unfortunately, we didn’t share and he eventually got up in disgust and wandered away to a more promising table of customers.

I was in the front garden this morning and made an interesting discovery. Now I know who has been taking the fish from our pond - and here I was blaming Buster!


  1. I live in Devon and I hardly ever go and see these beautiful places - I will definitely make more of an effort this summer!

  2. Beautiful Day! Im glad you found the fish poacher!