Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome to the Realm and Thank You to all who visit!

Well, I have to say –we’re overwhelmed by the wonderful response to our facebook page! I know it sounds strange, but we really are always amazed (and incredibly grateful) that so many people believe in us. It’s kind of like believing in faeries. If you believe - we exist. We don’t fade away. So keep clapping and believing because we’re not finished yet!

I don’t really know what all we’ll be doing on this facebook and blog page but I DO know that I’ll write something for it every week. We’ll also be able to give you news of anything that happens from one week to the next. I think for the moment, I’ll just begin every weekend (I think we’ll post on Fridays or Saturdays) with a new sketchbook page from Brian and a few photos you all might like to see.

For all of Brian’s working life (about 150 years so far) he has kept sketchbooks that relate to whatever project he’s working on at the time. That means that right now, he is filling quite a few sketchbooks with pictures of troll and troll related things. I’ll probably have to ask his permission before I scan any of the troll sketches so I’m going to start with a sketch for one of the characters from “How To See Faeries”. Hats have always played a big part in Brian’s work. He loves them and owns quite a collection of them. They turn up in his paintings and photographs all the time. We’ve recently been reviewing some of the concept sketches of the Ballroom scene costumes from Labyrinth and again, hats are so important. So -here’s a “How To See Faeries” hat sketch. Brian was just given a wonderful molded leather hat at Faerieworlds that he absolutely loves and wears around the garden when the mood takes him. I’m sure the faeries enjoy seeing him wandering in the garden wearing it -and it’s useful because we are having a REALLY cold summer here! Even the faeries are shivering.

I know that some of you would like to see photos of where we live so I’m going to post some photos of bits of our house and garden as well from time to time. The long table that is covered with my dolls and models is in our downstairs hallway. The pieces I keep on it are almost all part of my permanent collection. Most of them have become a part of the family. They include Sneezle and Twig and some of the other characters from the Old Oak Wood series as well as others that I’m especially fond of. If any of you are familiar with that series of books or “The Art of Wendy Froud” you may be able to spot some of them here. The garden photos are just a glimpse of the garden in different seasons. The Bluebells in May are always wonderful and last winter the snow made the garden look completely enchanted (for the first few days - then it was a real pain). At the moment, it looks rather like a jungle -very green!

And lastly our dog Elfie and our cat Buster. The photos speak for themselves. I’ll just say that they are the same size and are best friends.

So - welcome to the realm! It’s just us, doing what we do and sharing a bit of it with you all.

One more thing - I know someone will ask -so - no new word on Dark Crystal two. At least if there IS any news, we don’t know about it yet!

I forgot - I just put two new pieces on the ESTY site. They are both little Sneezle cousins and they’re called “ Fishing for Bunnies”. If you go have a look, you’ll see why.
Froud Etsy Site

Ok - that’s it for now -back next weekend.  
- Wendy


  1. Thank you, Wendy! It's wonderful that you are writing a blog! The winter garden photo is just could evoke a story all by itself!

  2. It is great you started a blog!

    Brian's work has been inspiring me since I was a child, and seeing pictures of your work made me start sculpting my own dolls.

    It would be a honor to me if you visited my blog and see my work.

    Hugs from Spain!!

  3. I've loved your husband and yourselves work for almost 20 years now, one thing I've always been dying to know though is I know you both say you see the Fae with your heart, and you feel them. But are your husband and yourself lucky to ever see them in a physical manifestation as though they're standing there like anyone else?

  4. Yay so nice to see you here :)

  5. I am absolutely envious of your faery table! You two have done so much amazing work over the years :)

  6. Just another fan chiming in! I just commented on the John Barleycorn blog, that I've known and loved Alan Lee's work since I first saw 'Faeries' at the age of 13...and of course, that's where I fell in love with Brian's work too. I've got several much loved Froud books on my bookshelves (including little Sneezle), and intending to add many, many more! Wonderful to have your blog from faeryland that I can read and dream to!

  7. So happy to have you back on line! I love that you will be keeping a blog. It feels so much more intimate than a huge web site and I adore seeing pics of your life in Devon. I dearly love yours and Brian's work and own many of your books (your table of magical folk is glorious indeed!). Hopefully soon I will be able to purchase one of your magical dolls. Thank you to both of you for bringing the magic of the faerie realm to the general public and doing so with such creative genius! I will list your site on my blog (not that you need any help in getting the word out, it will be more for me I think). Hurrah... so happy!

  8. How enchanting to have another fairy world on my list...

  9. is it really you ~ that's so lovely ~ and so very pleased ~ Magical wishes always and big love Lib ~

  10. How is the new site going and the new developments ~ hgs Lib

  11. Nice to see you online.

    Missed doing a workshop this year

    I do want to thank you for all that you have taught me over the years.

    Kath O David

  12. Magical snowy garden indeed. I get sick of shoveling the stuff every winter but I do love how it transforms the world into "somewhere else". Your bevy of fae are beautiful, they look like they're all the dearest of friends. Pet photos are sort of a mixed blessing as I like looking at them but get frustrated I can't reach through the screen and scratch them behind the ear. Here in this house our cats outweigh our dogs by a considerable amount.