Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trolls can Climb!

Just a quick message from the garden today. It’s very active right now - birds everywhere and other creatures as well. Everyone seems to be enjoying the beautiful weather we’re having at the moment. I really didn’t know that trolls could climb trees, but I came across this troll maid contemplating the tree ( a rather small tree I must admit) and then quickly scampering up into the branches where she sat quite happily looking out over the rest of the garden. Perhaps they like to have a different point of view every once in a while. Anyway - she looks quite content up there.


  1. What a cool sculpture! I can´t wait to see the new troll book released !

  2. Great.
    I love your work.

  3. What a lovely troll lady :) I really enjoy your blog posts. I follow a handful of artists' blogs, and yours is truly unique because of the way you post about the role of your fae friends in everyday life. It's a wonderful escape with your beautiful artwork -- er, your beautiful friends :)

  4. She looks right at home in that tree.
    Stunning sculpture. Amazing work!

  5. Magical! She is so pretty your work is wonderful.