Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Faerie Gatherings

We had a wonderful time in Glastonbury this weekend, at the Avalon Faery Fayre and Ball. Well, we should have been at the ball but when we got back to our lovely Bed and Breakfast overlooking Chalice Well and Gardens, it was so calm and peaceful that we just fell asleep instead. Nice dreams, even if we missed the festivities! 

I gave a sculpting and fabricating workshop and Brian lectured on both Saturday and Sunday. Everyone seemed to enjoy all three of these very much. We certainly did. The fayre was vibrant and busy with a really happy atmosphere. It was so good to meet so many people and have a chance to say hello to old friends as well. Karen Kay puts on a great event! 

We actually were in Glastonbuty both this past weekend and the weekend before. I tried both times - four day in all - to take photos of Glastonbury Tor to put on the facebook page for you. It is an amazing sight, rearing up out of the Somerset Levels - a beacon on the horizon that is visible for miles as you approach the town. I had absolutely NO luck. For some reason the Tor did not want to be photographed by me or by Brian. Brian took a photo (I saw him do it!) of the tor in the mist and when we downloaded the pictures, it had disappeared (and not just into the mist either). I missed taking pictures on every occasion that the tor was visible - so, you’ll just have to take my word for it. It’s worth a trip there to see it if you get the chance! 

We’re home now and enjoying a beautiful Spring evening. I went out just now and found our friends among the flowers obviously also enjoying the weather and delighted that their charges survived the cold spell we had a while ago. They are particularly drawn to yellow. 

I came across our russet friend first standing on this log covered in bracket fungi. He then decided to sit and enjoy the last of the sunshine. That’s where I left him a few minutes ago. 

We have a new addition to our mushroom forest as well. It was a Glastonbury gift to us and is settling in nicely to its new home. 

That’s all from me. I’m going to join Brian having a glass of well deserved wine. He took this photo to see if you could spot his glass.


  1. Beautiful photo of you and Brian. You've definitely figured out the secret to turning back time. We could be the same age in this picture :)
    And yes, I spot the glass, now I know it's there!
    I love the Russet friend's belly, i just wanna rub it hehe
    Glad you are both well

  2. Lovely to see you both again. I'll get a little less shy each time! I hope you and Sarah enjoy the acorn treasure bags...

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  4. I wish I could go to some fairy event you participate , I´ll like to meet you some day... If you came to Spain to sign books or some kind of event or expo , I will travel wherever to meet you.
    Working compromisses impossibilite me to travel to the UK , but if I do , I´ll try to make an appointment. Just want to meet the queen and the king of faerie Realm...and the glass is in the photo...there ... empty...;D

  5. It looks like you had a lovely time, thanks for sharing these wonderful pics!

  6. I hope I could have gone to Glastonbury!

    Are you going on next October? I talk to Karen Kay and I will be hopefully having a stall in next Samhain/Halloween event.

    It would be absolutely great to see you there :)