Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recovering Well

It’s good to be home. I’m now sitting at a small table in our bedroom, with my laptop in front of me, beginning to catch up on everything I've not done since having my hip replacement operation just over a week ago. I’m recovering well and I know that in about five weeks or so, I’ll be walking around again (pain free with any luck) without crutches or a walking stick. Brian is quite wonderful at taking care of me, cooking, tidying and making sure that the house doesn't fall apart while I’m not looking. He keeps asking the Brownies to come and help in the night but so far they haven’t responded. I have the feeling we know too much about them. Buster and Elfie have spent the past week on my bed just keeping me company and making sure that I’m alright. Yesterday however, they decided that enough is enough and I haven’t seen them since. Nothing says “get up and do something” like the absence of one’s loving pets! 

We did have some excitement last Friday. The TV program BBC Country File came to film Brian in the house and also down by our little river. They are doing a feature on the connection between faery artists (painters, sculptors, musicians, etc.) and Chagford. The feature should be aired in their program (Country File) on Sunday, June 9th. If you are able to watch it and are interested in seeing where Brian gets his inspiration, then tune in. Elizabeth Jane Baldry will also be featured talking about faery harp music and the Chagford film group who specialize in Faery Tales. Please don’t count on me for information - I’m sort of stuck here on the edges of this at the moment! 

Brian and I, along with many mythic artists in this area, will be in an exhibition in our neighboring village of Mortonhampstead in June. I’ll give you information about that at the end of this writing. 

In a day or so, I’m going to have my first walk down the lane to see what’s happening in our domain. I’ll take my camera and see if I can catch any creatures doing what they do. But for now, as I said at the beginning of this - it’s good to be home.


  1. I'm so excited about coming to this exhibition! I am coming all the way from West Sussex so I'm staying for the weekend to do some sketching, I will definitely make sure I watch that episode of countryfile, to find out exactly where to go for super faerie filled inspiration! (unless you can recommend anywhere?)
    I'm glad the op went well, take this opportunity to put your feet up, I'm sure things will get very busy if summer ever gets to us!! Looking forward to seeing you and your Fae friends in June.

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Wendy!

    If they provide a YouTube of the TV program, would love to know! :)

  3. Welkom home Wendy. Wish you good improvement, I hope you are well again soon.
    I hope I can see it here in Germany, but if not maybe later on youtube.

  4. AM so glad you're doing well, Wendy! Faery Blessings to you for a continued speedy, easy recovery!

    Hoping for a YouTube version of the show also!

  5. My wife & I wish You a Calm & yet,speedy recovery, and that You soon find yourself Safe on Your feet. Healthy & Whole again.
    Enclosed in this comment ~ Light. Love & Healing.
    James Weatherhill

  6. May you be light on your feet and feeling fit as a fiddle in no time! Thats an intense transformation, wishing you all the best!