Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just a Bit More

I took a walk around the garden today since I won’t be walking in it for a week or two. I wanted to check up on the flowers and just see what was new. The bluebells are finally really beginning to show and all of the trees have at least little leaves coming out. It’s always a wonder to see the new growth in the spring, but this year it is especially heartening to finally see spring in its full splendour. It’s still pretty cold but we live in hope! 

I came across this fellow sitting in a group of small hazel trees. He looks extremely happy to be out and about. I asked him if he would like to be in our new book and he said that yes, he thought he would very much like that. I have the feeling he may be trouble, but - I have just the job for him in the story I’m writing and I think he’ll enjoy the experience. I DO hope so. He says he’s a Dartmoor Pixie but I have my doubts. 

I also thought I would share the spring gathering with you. Everyone seems to be at their best at the moment - cobwebs dusted, behaving themselves. Worth a picture, I thought. 

That’s it for a while - unless I come across something absolutely amazing tomorrow! 

Happy Spring!


  1. I need to take a stroll in your garden....mines not nearly as cool here in north Carolina!

  2. 90 degrees already in Kentucky! Where did my spring go?

  3. He looks perfectly trustworthy to me. Good luck with your surgery
    Arlene Coleman

  4. Happy Spring, Brian and Wendy. I love that Dartmoor Pixie :-).

  5. A pixie extraordinary. It is fantastic.

    Happy spring to you too.:)

  6. Hope surgery went OK!! Get well soon!! Here in Slovenia spring is almost summer already.. Faerie blessings!

  7. Take it from me-he'll be trouble!!! (GORGEOUS though)!. xxx