Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back Home

We’re back on Dartmoor now. Beloved grey skies, familiar energies - home. 

Belcastel was an amazing experience. Heidi and Nick, our fantastic hosts, and their daughter Cat, helpers, interns and associates alike were all so kind and fun and helpful. Brian came into his own as a teacher and now knows that he has the ability to pass on his knowledge, his unique “take” on creativity and his endless store of funny and wise stories. I also enjoyed so very much, teaching in this loveliest of settings and although gifted with fewer stories, I did share my one-eyed hamster story with my classes. The castle itself became such a part of our lives and I find that now that I’m home, I dream about it almost every night. And - an added benefit is the fact that we are much more fit now due to the endless number of stone stairs we climbed every day. For the last week we were joined by our very own faery musician, Maxence Bervoet, who played to us every day on his incredible collection of flutes. To hear music echoing through the castle, some of it very much like the music that would have been heard there hundreds of years ago, was enchanting indeed. And troll music! Maxence played troll music!

The weather was punishingly hot at times, especially during the final week, but Brian’s little beehive hut and my workroom in the castle were quite airy and cool most of the time. We did however truly appreciate the air conditioning in our lovely gite that greeted us every evening. 

The Templars and Mary Magdalene are the all- pervasive energies in the castle and the village of Belcastel and indeed in this whole region of France. Very powerful and not something that we’ve experienced anywhere else. Everyone there has their own unique experiences to remember.

Now that we’re home again, we’re going to be very busy for the month of September. We have book signings in London and Plymouth, a “Trolls” launch party in London and I’m giving a sculpting and model making demonstration in Chagford as well. We’ll pass on more information about all of the upcoming events a little later. 

October sees us in New York again with the opening of the Trolls exhibition at Animazing Fine Art Gallery, where Brian, Toby and I will all have work from the Trolls book or work based on the images in the book. It’s going to be so much fun.

We are also appearing at ComicCon New York with our publisher Abrams Books and will be at their booth as well as on a panel discussion chaired by Ellen Kushner. We are also giving a talk at the Society of Illustrators during our time in New York.  We are also launching a new iPad, iPhone meditation app titled “Froud Meditations - Pathways to Faerie”.  For more details coming soon at Big-Ben-Parliament Creations So - a busy month, with a bit of time in the middle to visit family in Michigan and hopefully catch up on some well needed rest! 

Lots to do - but right now, we’re going to go out on to the moor and just see if it has changed in the past month. I’m truly hoping that is hasn't. 

A few more photos for you.
These are of course roof tiles but I’m sure trolls use them when ever they can find them! 

Some castle scenes

Belcastel village 

An amazing site - millions of just hatched flying insects ( Cadis or Mayflies flies perhaps) 

Here are links to some of the things I mentioned. I’ll have more next time. - faery piper and flautist - this is the site for the gite we stayed in
WWW.CHATEAUBELCASTEL.COM - this is the castle itself Chateau Belcastel, 12390 Belcastel (Aveyron) 


  1. Hi Wendy, hi Brian,
    your new "Trolls" book arrived today here in Germany and me and my folks are over the moon.
    ( to those who will read this : GO AND GET IT !!!HURRY !!!)
    They shouted "finally a family album !!!Phantastic ".
    Great artworks...from the trolls of course...!!!
    But I miss Toby´s works inside. He has become such a great great sculptor. I saw it at the NY exhibition.
    Please go on like this and share your wisdom with us.
    Big faery hugs from Germany ,
    yours Silke

  2. Brian and looking forward to your visit to NY next month. I will be attending the Reception on the 6th but will be back flying overseas for the book signing the following weekend so will miss that. I am trying to change my layover (I'm an international flight attendant) on the 13th from Dublin to London so that I can attend your event there. I have purchased your new book already signed but was wondering if I brought it with me to the Reception on the 6th if you would personalize it? Or sign my Faeries Collector's Edition book that I also have?

    I absolutely love getting lost in the world of faerie every time I open your books. Thank you so much for all the delight you bring to us.


  3. Hello Wendy,
    I'm a huge fan, and was so longing to attend Brian's painting class in France, but finances did not allow it this year (I am in Australia)...I'm wondering if this opportunity may come 'round again one day?? I love painting and to study under Brian would be a dream come true!
    Looking forward to Trolls!!