Sunday, August 19, 2012

Writing from Belcastel

Here we are, writing from Belcastel. I thought we lived in an ancient place, and of course, we do - but - Becastel, both the village and the chateau Belcastel are even older and stranger and just so beautiful. We hadn’t found out much about it before we arrived so it was quite wonderful to discover that the chateau has an ancient chapel devoted to Mary Magdalene and that the church in the village as well is devoted to her. The chateau is a Templar stronghold and the combination of Magdalene and Templar energy is quite amazing. We need to digest all of this before we write about it. Interesting experiences everywhere here! 

The workshops are wonderful. Brian has been having a fascinating time with his groups and I do hope that mine have enjoyed the experience as well. I think they have although I’m making them work quite hard! Some how, working very hard in a castle is easier than working quite hard in the middle of a city! Well - it’s a different experience certainly! 

There are faeries and spirits here -someone took photos with orbs in almost all of them -all hovering over Brian (and a few over me as well). We can’t remember who took them so if you are reading this please get in touch! There are also tiny lizards and bees and all sorts of wildlife and blue skies and sometimes thunder and lightening. Very dramatic. 

I’m finding it hard to write while I’m experiencing all of this. I’ll catch up when we get home next week and try to sort out something coherent to tell you. 

Until then -We’re living a medieval life and eating and drinking far too much but enjoying it all enormously!


  1. "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may . . . " well, you know the rest. Not trying to be morbid, just saying live it up while you can! I hope you and Brian continue to have a wonderful time. I'm sure all your students are. :-)

  2. I've been following all the magic on your Facebook page - I must say I am very envious of your students! What type of criteria did your students have to meet to be selected?

  3. I've just been catching up on your past few months of blog posts. I love to read about your Faerie adventures! :) Sounds like you're having a wonderful time in France, and I can't wait to see some photos from your trip! :)


  4. I can only wonder what it must feel to be in that beautiful place, the magical vibrations that seems to come from every rock and leaf, as if a thousand watchful eyes observed you hidden in plain view.

    Such places denote just how dead the concrete canyons of the city truly are, grey and barren does the city seems against the silent yet life-rich mountains or the old yet venerable houses which cling to yet one more year of life.

    In Costa Rica I have had the blessed opportunity to experience places like and yet much unlike Becastel, in the majestic mountain of Chirripo where a thousand giant faces seem to gaze at you, carved upon the stone pillars of the mountain, which the Indians rightfully seemed to believe was home to the gods; but also in the decrepit and foreboding Isla San Lucas, to where the worst criminal in Costa Rica were sent.

    I do hope you will write soon as I would love to read of your experiences in Belcastel, and of any faerie or gnome you might meet there.

    Charles Veiman