Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Trolls acting rather Strangely

When I went outside yesterday, I found the little trolls acting rather strangely. They were looking up at the sky and then as quickly as they could, gathering up leaves and covering the flowers they had uncovered a few days before. I wondered what it meant until this morning when I woke and found snow covering the ground. This is really the first snowfall we have had and the trolls obviously knew it was coming. I think they can smell it in the air. 

I went out later this morning and caught them playing in it. They work hard in the garden but they certainly like to have fun as well!


  1. They are not Trolls :)
    Trolls live under bridges, byways and highways.

    THESE are OGS!
    You have two ogs, very rare :)
    They are suppose to live in the hollow of the earth acording to an old book I read one time.


  2. In the antrum of Beatitudes dominate the happy troopers, exquisite faces and jokes pantomimes... Long time ago that I lead my steps in this earth, trampling my bare feet the body of the great mother, and losing me in the foggy ether elfic wilderness... So long and yet would I say if it was yesterday or tomorrow? What is important? Here time runs more than in leisure, and only if this he sings! Even that sometimes, it flows backwards, or even stops a moment, just history to have a NAP in the hollow of a faun's dream... "Ouh, ouh, ouloulou, say the River swim, can you hear the jovial dance of the notes bursting in a myriad of sound droplets, can you see the sound of the malicious spirits? You, the wandering strolling player, brother of the bird, and master of the idle verb, have you not seen the man with the pointed hat which weaves with his eyes the universal frame?"
    The gnomes were not there only to make nice: they laughing, with all their soul, all their heart, they themselves were riding in the moss, and the fairies flashing as crazy candles...
    And because the history remains outstanding, I finished by saying: this is the wind missive to a smuggler of dreams which, mounted between dream and reality, composed for you with its flutes, some thoughts elfics.

  3. I wish these precious trolls were watching over my garden!
    This week I have had possums digging in my iris beds.
    To my horror a field mouse was murdered by a feral cat.
    The soft earth will feed the critters until the next big freeze.~ Jane Foxglove