Friday, January 20, 2012

The January Doldrums

I wish I had more to write about this week. It’s not often when it seems that nothing in particular has happened but this week there isn’t anything terribly exciting to report. It must be the January doldrums. 

The weather has skipped January altogether and decided to step right into the end of February. I’m not complaining. It’s lovely to be able to see flowers everywhere - but it’s a bit weird, just waiting for winter to remember that it hasn’t finished its time here yet. 

I’m having the problem that I would guess, all creative people have occasionally - that is, just not wanting to DO anything. I don’t want to sculpt -I don’t want to write. What I really want to do is sit in front of the TV and eat chocolate but there isn’t anything I want to watch on either. See? - doldrums. Until they pass, I’m just going to read murder mysteries and drink tea. 

They will pass. I’ve promised myself that I’ll start working again next week, so I only have two more days to be grumpy and aimless. I think I can manage that. My studio is covered I drifts of things I haven’t put away yet -new clay, new paints and new brushes -all ready for the start of new projects. And I DO have new projects to be getting on with. Brian and I are both going to be busy next month, mostly in Exeter and Plymouth, doing things with Animated Exeter and the Peninsula Arts group. We are excited about that and I’ll tell you more in my next (exciting) post. 

We did take a walk today and I looked for interesting things to photograph but even our wonderful landscape didn’t inspire. The sheep looked sinister and there were flocks of birds around that just heckled from the trees. No ponies or highland cattle. Terrible really. 

I think the faeries are all still away doing something else. Or, more likely, I’m just not in the right mood to communicate with them. 

Anyway - here are some four thousand year old ruins for you that we saw today - from the time of the “Beaker People”, and a really interesting tree and wall - sigh. I’ll have more next time, I promise!


  1. I love your photos! They're so beautiful and inspiring. :) I hope the doldrums will pass quickly. Been having a few of those myself. Here's looking to a new week and no doldrums! :)

  2. Some good TV for you: Have you seen "Once upon a time"? It's really good, i think you'll like it.
    I don't know if it's been released in England yet, but you can always view it online. (It's still in it's first season) I think it's disney. It's the fairytale world cursed to live in our "real" world, by snow white's wicked step mother. And one boy who believes, is going to try to break the curse. It's not overly flowery, and quite sinister in parts, and has some fun fantasy scenes. If you haven't already seen it, i hope you get the chance, and enjoy it as much as i do :)
    I hope your january blues lifts soon, i know we're all feeling it at this time of year. Glee helped me with mine! :D much love xx

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  4. Good heavens, I've felt like that for years . . . the clay dried up, even the oil paints dried up, I have't written a decent poem in what feels like yonks . . . well, the only excuse I have is that I have been looking after a husband with dementia for about 10 years and the last 4 have been rather difficult. Blogging at least tends to keep me sane.
    Inspiration will come when the weather changes . . .

  5. The muses will come back !
    You´ve had an intensive days with the NY expo and preparing the Troll book , so it is normal for the brain to take a rest...
    For sure it´ll pass soon and new creatures will born.
    I paint and sculpt too and have feel the same I don´t pain´t at all , but sculpt a little , when my job and free time allow it.
    Best regards from Spain.

  6. I have the doldrums too, but with a box of Chocolates and the new anniversary/collectors editions of Dark Crystal and Labyrinth my husband gave me for my birthday, I will get thru it and be inspired for my next book, I will create the scenes and fairies and write the sequel to The Berrylicious Secret!But for today it is snowy outside and hot chocolates inside!

  7. I know that feeling! At the moment though, I think I need to just let go of the silly notion that I could get ANYTHING constructively creative done at this time of the year. Here, it's still summer holidays, so I have munchkins at home with the 'I'm bored!' syndrome, and it's too hot to even think straight! I would be perfectly happy to hibernate through summer, and then wake up refreshed and ready to get working when the rains come in Autumn and wake all the green things up again...I must be green on the inside!

  8. I find much comfort in old favourite books when having the creative blues. Oh, and green and blacks cooking chocolate! Nice and dark and bitter. Helps no end. I hope you find your way back to inspiration soon, I know how rotten it feels to be stuck and grumpy.
    Thanks for the photos - I have never visited your neck of the woods but at some soul level it looks like Home - good to see and satisfying to the eye.

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