Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We LOVE working together really! Upcoming Gallery Show

I’m late in writing this week because I’m still recovering from falling “up” the stairs after tripping over Elfie (the dog) who was quietly lying in the dark on the landing, chewing on his squeaky shrimp. It was one of those falls that happen in slow motion but there really isn’t anything you can do about it. I’m still a bit bruised and limping now but carrying on never the less. The shrimp has been banished to the kitchen.

We are putting the pages of the Troll book together now and it’s been a true test of diplomacy and love -long periods of quiet, punctuated by shouts of “ you’re putting that WHERE??? - it’s a RITUAL object, NOT kitchen ware!!!” - along with -“What do you mean you haven’t photographed it yet!!!” and “ you TOLD me that was where it went!!!” and ending with “ aaagggghhhh”.

We love working together really!

We just took a short walk on to the moor this afternoon. It doesn’t matter how many times we go along the same roads -there’s always something new to discover. Today we found a hut circle that we had only seen from a distance before. Hut circles are such magical places. The idea that you can stand in the living space of people that were there two thousand years ago is always moving and quite humbling as well. These huts would have had stone walls and the steep, thatched roofs (rather like hats). I’ve been in a number of reconstructed huts both on Dartmoor and in Snodonia and they are wonderfully warm and cozy although I’m not sure I’d want to spend a harsh winter in one. It always amazes me that we can drive for less than a mile in some cases and find not only hut circle dwellings but ritual stone circles as well -right here. It makes it easier to bear a summer of cold and not much sun!

The picture of our roof shows what thatch looks like (and would have even a thousand years ago) and you can see the new patch on it that our valiant thatcher did in a huge rain shower the other day. Thatch is amazing and with a bit of care, can last even longer than a regular roof.   

The roofs of the hut circles remind me of this drawing of Brian’s that I’ve found for this week. A conical hat (one of his favorite styles and very like the one he got at Faerieworlds ) that looks very like those roofs. The little guy on top has got to be one of those extremely annoying imps that hang around and do what ever damage they can before running away again. I think they lured Elfie and his shrimp onto the stairs -and they’ve been ruffling through the pages of the book as we try to make sense of it all. Very frustrating, but if you poke them, they bite. I’m sure that they are in cahoots with Buster (the cat). If that’s Brian in his hat (with imp) in the drawing, then I claim the lovely lady in the background.  
 This week’s picture of my desk is of a little troll that I’m just finishing for the book. He came together very quickly. Sometimes they just want to be born. I was working from a sketch that Brian handed me a few days ago and I could tell that he was ready to jump off of the page. 

More news about late Autumn. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I’m going to be talking about it quite a bit from now on because we’re so excited about it. Brian, Toby and I are going to have a three -person show at the wonderful Animazing Gallery in New York this December - opening on December 1st (2011) and running until February 12th (2012).
We are going to be showing and selling original paintings and drawings by Brian and Toby and I will both have figures - dolls and puppets for sale as well. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Labyrinth (2011) and the 30th anniversary of Dark Crystal (2012) and all three of us will have work associated with those films in the show. We will also have other pieces and Brian will have paintings and drawings from many of his published books as well. It’s going to be a wonderful show! If you want to find out more about it, please go to the Animazing website for more info -it’s - . I’ll tell you more about it and other events that we’ll be participating in around New York at that time as well. It’s going to be SO exciting! 
 That may be it for now. I’ll try to write more this weekend -depending on the state of the book, the house, our state of mind, etc!


  1. It will be a wonderful show from a wonderful family of artists :)

  2. I absolutely love your new troll doll!!

    I would also love going to that exhibition, but it's going to be a bit far from Spain :(

  3. Congratulations on the NYC show! That will be an amazing collection of work. Being on the East Coast - I may have to take a trip to the Apple.

    Thank you both, but especially Wendy, as the voice...for starting this blog. Froudian artwork has played a large part in my life - and I thank you for continuing to inspire and share!

  4. Oh dear, I do hope you feel better after your fall... My husband and I have many, many kitties (did I day many? I truly mean many!) that continually trip us up. The late night bathroom visits are a bit comical as we shuffle along not really picking up out feet for fear we will fall over or inadvertently kick a cat. The things we do for our furry family!
    The troll figure is wonderful! You are such an amazing artist! I so wish i could visit the show. I also adore your home. A thatch roof cottage is a dream of mine but alas here in California thatch is not terrible practical in a high fire area. Maybe one day I will enjoy a hearth in a lovely cottage sipping tea under my thatched roof... sigh.
    Thank you so much for you lovely blog, I really enjoy it!
    Furry blessings from the states,

  5. You can have the pretty lady, I'll take the fellow in the pointy hat!
    Love the way you have brought the little troll to life.

  6. Thrilled to hear of your NYC show. I'll definitely put it on my agenda when there this winter! ...Thank Toby's facebook page for directing me to your blog! Lovely to spend some time in your worlds!

  7. Oh how I wish I could get to NY to see that, but alas, a little too far from down-under! I love your new troll, Wendy, the book is going to be wonderful. Speaking of books, I received a lovely package in the mail today (I adore boxes with 'Amazon' printed on the sides!)...Brian's 'Faeries Oracle', the 25th Anniversary Deluxe Collectors Edition of 'Faeries' (I've got the original but had to have this too), and Alan Lee's LOTR sketchbook (I've got Brian's 'How to find Faeries' still coming). I WAS supposed to be painting, but I got rather sidetracked after that!

    I was introduced to 'Faeries' over 30 years ago by an art teacher who believed in faeries and, I think anyway, was probably one herself. Sadly, she passed away recently, though well into her 80s. Between my teacher, Brian and Alan, the 3 of them turned me into someone who has spent the great majority of her life peeking under ferns and in hollow logs looking for wee folk. Now I'm teaching my daughters to do the same! Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to Brian for making my life just that bit more magical, and being a constant inspiration!

  8. Oh wow!!! This will be an absolutely amazing show! I can't wait! The new book will be wonderful too. I love this new addition.

    I've been a loyal fan since I was very young (born in 84) and never wanted to be anything else other than an artist. So I'm utterly ecstatic to know that you will be having a show merely hours away. I fell in love with the Dark Crystal which introduced me to Brian's amazing work. Then soon after I discovering you were behind giving the world the gorgeous sculptural work. I wasn't surprised that Toby was the outcome of two geniuses. So thank you all for being so inspiring and making me who I am.