Monday, August 29, 2011

Goblin or Tree?

Just another little bit of writing here. 

Every time I go out with Elfie for a walk -usually in the evening -I hope for something magical. Brian does too. I know this is just such an obvious thing, but for me, by expecting something strange or wonderful or beautiful to appear, I find myself seeing all of those things in places I wouldn’t ordinarily even think to look. Strange shapes and colors that are unexpected, a pattern of twigs on the road, a gnarled tree that looks just like some sort of creature - all of these things are either magical or not depending on your perspective. By magical, I don’t mean sparkle and “glamour” but I DO mean looking at things with an open mind and perhaps even more than that, an open imagination. Doorways to imagination are everywhere if we care to look. I really believe that nothing needs to be ordinary, overlooked or dismissed. So -here’s a photo of a really weird bit of tree that absolutely looked like a goblin when I took the photo. Looking at it now, I can either see a goblin or just a weird bit of tree. Really? I prefer to see a goblin. So there.   

Here is Elfie looking exceptionally handsome. He sits in my chair, behind my back when I write at the computer. He was waiting for me to sit down and start writing as I took this photo. 

And finally -a photo of Toby that’s got to be about 12 years old. This is from a dinner party with our great friends Todd and Carol and their children Lillian and David. Lillian is looking on as Toby puppeteers Filbert ( the Big, Dumb Orange Thing). Filbert was one of the first puppets Toby made. They’re quite a pair. 

And from about the same time, a rather blurry photo of Toby on stilts with David. 

No -Toby was never destined to be a brain surgeon.


  1. I love that tree. Does it still look like it has the goblin face when viewed from other angles? It reminds me of the way Arthur Rackham would place eerie faces in his illustrations of trees.

    And Elfie is quite adorable.

  2. Oh yes I totally see the Goblin - for me he's a bit in profile. I'm always looking on walks too, little noises, tiny movements, what is in there? Love the picture of Elfie too - what a beautiful face. ~Siobhan

  3. Of course I see the goblin! Thank you for sharing your magic!

  4. Toby may have not been destined to be a brain surgeon, but he has something that can't be taught in schools of any kind - creativity & the ability to entertain people.He (like his parents) also seem very approachable & kind & make you feel very much at ease. Rare attributes in today's tech. world. I have only had the privilege of being around the Froud's 3 or 4 times, but every time left me feeling like the world is a better place because of you all.You truly are amazing people! :)Thea

  5. Ohhhh whoa I see a goblin too!!! Oh but who would want to be a brain surgeon when you're overflowing with the gift of creativity and laughter?! Yes with enough education you can save lives with science; but it's truly a gift when you can inspire many and bring smiles to even the saddest of faces.

  6. Who needs more brain surgeons anyway? Great goblin tree, I snapped one too yesterday. I see faces everywhere, I saw one yesterday in a mountain ridge, it even had trees for eyelashes! As you say, the world is full of wonders, we just need to open our eyes.

  7. What a great tree! I'm forever looking. I always see faces in the trees at the bottom of my garden (I can see them from where I sit at my computer) and their expressions change when the wind blows. I love the inspiration nature provides.

    Oh, and thank you for the comment on my blog the other day. You put a huge smile on my face that lasted the whole day x

  8. Hehe, I loved the last comment; 'Not destined to become a brain surgeon.' Children make us proud in different ways, and I love the fact he can relate to you both in a creative way, just like his parents! :)

    The tree does look like a goblin! :)

  9. Before I even perceived a tree, I saw the goblin! Fantastic photo! :)
    I love how your son took on your passions and interests in all things peculiar, creative, and fantastical.