Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pokes of Inspiration

Brian and I are back at work. At the moment it’s beginning to feel like a weird dream. Every time we think we’re getting closer to finishing the book, we discover another thing that needs doing. I don’t know if the faeries think this is funny, but I’m beginning to feel that they are enjoying inspiring us to discover new things to add to the book. I can just hear them saying “what about this? Surely you won’t forget about this faery or this object!”. I wish they would stop now. It’s hard enough without them poking at us! Ahhh - but then again - we DO appreciate their help (just in case they’re listening).  I took a photo of Brian photographing a group of faeries in the Nifty Shed. They insisted on playing tricks. No matter what Brian did, the one on the left (red nose, wild hair) would NOT let his face be in focus. Different angles, different everything - it didn’t matter - twenty photos later, he still wouldn’t “love” the camera. Sometimes they just don’t. Brian tricked him in the end but it took forever!

Our friend, David Todd-Jones has been clearing granite along the wall for us. I caught Brian and David here with Brian looking distinctly worried. I’m not sure what he’s worried about but it WAS just after the uncooperative faery photography. 

The garden is quite autumnal now. Roses are being replaced by Physallis (or Jack o lanterns) that are so magical. There are a few late roses left and we appreciate them even more because they are trying so hard to bloom one final glorious time before winter. 

The dining table was covered in faeries yesterday all waiting to have their photos taken or just lying around recovering from the experience. The sleeping faery is the only one left on the table now but I hate to disturb her - she looks so comfortable there.

Speaking of looking comfortable - here’s Buster looking a bit too comfortable on this chair. I think if he could see this photo, he might decide to go on a diet. 

That’s it for this week from the land of faery foolishness. We’re going into the village tonight for a screening of the silent film “Nosferatu” with Elizabeth Jane Baldry (Harpist, composer, film maker and faery godmother) playing harp accompaniment. It’s part of the Chagford Film Festival on all this week. As part of the festival, the Jen and Kira costumes from Dark Crystal ware on display as well as lots of other film memorabilia and props. If you are near by, come and have a look and see what else is going on this week for the festival. There is SO much to see! 


  1. Truly spellbinding work as always.
    Wasn't sure how to get in touch but noticed this box at the bottom.
    Would love to write you both a proper letter if you had an email address to aim one at.
    Buster looks great by the way :)

  2. I adore this blog...even though its been awhile since I've see you both in person.. this is such a lovely way to keep us all updated ... ahhh the interweb.. strange new home for all of us..yet a wonderful tool of connection ...Thank you for taking time out of your creative lives to stay in touch with all of us Froudians !

  3. Can't wait to see the new book.I can't imagine how much work that making a book is!!
    LOVE Buster!!!cats have no shame !I am making a fibre art Cat themed fabric book, and the more I observe cats the more fascinating they seem!!
    Love Anne Mortimer's cat paintings.When I was teaching I had quite a few of her books.Now they are replaced with your and Brian's. Must be wonderful to live your dream.

  4. Hola, este blog es muy bonito. Hay unas cosas geniales. Me uno y te sigo así no me pierdo ninguna entrada. Un saludo