Saturday, August 10, 2013

That’s What You Are. Of course!

What a busy month it’s turning out to be for both Brian and me. It shouldn't come as a surprise to us because we've known for ages that we have to have the new book in good shape by the end of August -not finished by any means, but we have to know how it’s going to all fit together by then. At the moment it is still mostly in puzzle pieces. Like a jigsaw puzzle, we've done the edges and now we’re working our way into the middle. I’m not complaining - it’s great fun really (apart from those hours in the middle of the night when Brian and I lie awake and wonder how we’re going to do this). We both know what we’re doing (obviously) but when either of us begins a piece, we both have the feeling that it’s all completely new and we have no idea of how we’re going to produce what ever it is that we’re working on. Then at some point we look at it (or read it) and think “ that’s what you are. Of course!” and then we can just get on with it. 

I've been writing in the morning and making figures in the afternoon. That seems to work well for me. Brian spends his day between his drawing board, computer and the garden. The plants are getting a lot of attention while he waits for paint to dry!

I gave a lecture/workshop this past Sunday as part of the Green Hill exhibition “Widdershins” in Mortonhampstead parish hall. It was very well attended (sold out) and I hope the people attending enjoyed it as much as I did. It’s a true challenge to demonstrate making a figure I under three hours but I like a challenge and I've done this often enough now to be able to (almost) get to the end without panicking! Thank you to some of the audience for reminding me of things I left out! Anyway - it was fun and today I have almost finished the piece I started at the demonstration. 

Yesterday I treated myself to a morning out. It was another beautiful day so I decided to take one of my favorite drives over the moor. I know I photographed these trees (and maybe these sheep) last year but I love to check up on them to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same with a passing year. I’m happy to report that nothing much has changed. That’s a relief -apart from the fact that this summer I’m seeing it in sunshine instead of rain!

Well -Brian is in the garden again and I think I’ll join him. I was hoping it was time for a glass of wine but looking at the clock I can see that I’ll have to make due with a nice cup of tea.


  1. From a young age i have loved both of your works even did my uni last unit on goblins and other fey beings and had a whole chapters on you both and how your work has help me in art. Wanted to say thank you and well if you are ever at a book signing in essex in the uk i will be there thank you both from Emma Watson

  2. you both are such inspiration and have so much wonderful skill and imagination to put into pictures, figures and words that I'm happy just to be alive in this time that you both exist!!Keep up the awesome work!!

  3. it is lovely to have a glimpse into your life, your time for art and gardening and enjoying summer days. i wish you grace with your book coming together. sleepless nights are no fun, i am having one as i write.... time to go glimpse the stars and see if sleep will come to me. this wee figure is a joy to see!

  4. Thanks for the demo the other day Wendy. The masking tape was a particular revelation to me (- why had I never thought of that..?), as was the quilt padding as a body cover.
    My sister has already started a model based on your instruction, and I shall soon be doing the same...

    Enjoy the moors - they are so scrummy this Summer :)


  5. Hi Wendy, I'm new to your blog... I just wanted to say that I absolutely love, love, love your and Brian's work! About 3 yrs ago I got back into drawing and creating art. My room mate's Rachel and her husband Eric are both very dear friends and artists as well. Rachel is the one that first introduced my to the fairy books by Brian Froud. I've been addicted ever since. I had stopped drawing when I was about 23 after the birth of my son. He took up most of my time. When I decided to get back into drawing I was blocked and spent too much time thinking about what to draw. Thanks to my friend's Rachel & Eric, they inspired me to just let it flow. I started drawing fairies and mermaids. I want to say that you and Brian inspire me so much. I could get lost in the fairy world you both create. :) Thank you for the awesome art you both do! Also, do you ever come to Texas? Lisa

  6. You can add wine to your tea, Wendy, and then all is OK.

  7. I just picked up Silas Groundsel who was exhibited at Green Hill, he is beautiful and will continue living with us on Dartmoor forever! Thank you Wendy x

  8. Though I work on decidedly smaller-scale projects than you, I know that moment of "hmmm... where am I going with this?... Ah-HA!" that you describe. Isn't it wonderful to then feel like that's what was going to come about all along, you just hadn't known it before? Your hard work and its beautiful results are an inspiration. And so are the photos you took of those spectacular trees!

  9. As I enter in to the Realm of Froud, I feel I have stepped out of my own realm into a Faerie Land not of this dimension. I am always delighted and impressed with what you and Brain are in the midst of writing or creating. I can feel the forces of magic at work here in the depth of your every day lives. You two are truly a magical pair destined to bring that nuance of the Faerie World into the lives of many of us who share your same passion, dreams, and the visionary world of 'Make Believe'... Maybe that Faerie World is more alive than the reality we live in.
    I truly do 'feel' the 'pull' from the 'Kingdom of Myth' here on your fantastic blog.
    Best wishes on your up-coming new book. Hope all goes well. I know the feeling when creating dolls, they always have a mind of their own and become who they are destined to become...and I wouldn't have it any other way. I imagine writing books is the same way, as I have experienced that journey too.
    Teresa in California