Friday, November 30, 2012

Resting in the Fruit Bowl

We’ve had so much rain that today was the first day I was able to take Elfie out for a walk along the lane without the fear of disappearing into a bottomless puddle.   As I walked along I spotted this little fellow standing on a gatepost, looking at the sheep in the neighboring field.  

He seemed to be enjoying the view but a few minutes later I found that he was following us along the lane, exploring the hedgerow as he rushed to keep up with us.  

The leaves are off of the trees and bushes now except for moss and ivy.   He looked like he was having a wonderful time climbing among the bare twigs and moss-covered rocks.   

He’s a house faery really and I was surprised to see him outside.   He was obviously content with a short adventure because he came home with us but insisted on sitting on the bird table for a few minutes, communing with the bluetits.

I think they must be very gossipy birds -but I may be doing them an injustice.   Anyway, the little fellow is back indoors, resting in the fruit bowl with the plums before he joins his companions again.   At least he’ll have something to tell them.


  1. Fun stuff, Wendy! Warm greetings from CCS & Michigan. Hopefully all is grand. Haven't seen you since Comic Con of ages ago. Best wishes!

  2. they are very beautiful!! T.T i want one! i have 7 in mi bedroom! :D

  3. Handsome little fellow. And investigative, as I see. :)And he has made a good choice of the weather and the day for his explorations.

  4. Hello, Wendy and Brian
    You two are amazing. I am honored to be able to come to your blog and view the royal treatment you totally deserve on your adventures as fabulous artists, doll makers, and authors.
    I admire you both greatly.
    My brother is Troy Howell, author and illustrator of 'The Dragon of Cripple Creek'. He is also the American jacket cover illustrator of all of the hardbound editions of the Redwall series of whom Brain Jacques is the author and we were so sad to hear Brian's his passing last year. He was an amazing writer. My brother is hoping a movie producer will 'run' with his own book and launch it into a movie. The story is an endearing one about a young girl who finds a dragon in the depths of a gold mine in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Immersed in Alice in Wonderland innuendos, the book is a modern day fantasy for young adults. It is available on Amazon books with a lovely review, Kindle, etc. It is an Amulet, New York book imprint. The book is in its second printing.
    And I MUST purchase your 'Trolls' book. I am also a long time fan of 'The Dark Crystal' and adore all of the creatures you had a major part in creating. And here is cheers to 'The Hobbit' too as I can't wait until it comes out in the movie theatres here in the states!
    Long live the creativity of the soul. You two are the best! Glad you made it safely out of New York.
    Teresa Swanson in California

  5. I've come back to your blog to let you know I ordered 'Trolls' from Amazon books and it came today. I could say "You have no idea how magnificent a book you have created" but that would be an understatement! My socks were knocked off when I viewed page after page of extraordinary illustrations and photographs of real puppets. Simply amazing. And now, I need to read the story line! Sorry Jim Henson is not here to have the thrill of the fruition of seeing this book in print and it would have made another masterpiece of a movie. This book is going to stay in my imagination for a very long time. Wow! So magical and mysterious and grand!
    Totally Awesome! And the rest of my family are fantasy freaks I'll be passing on all of the glorious comments I can pass on to them about your book, so they will be inspired to get their own copy as I am in NO WAY going to loan mine out!
    Thank you for keeping the fairy tale and troll realms alive.
    Teresa in California
    To link to my brother's blog, come on over to my blog and click on the illustration of the DRAGON on my right side bar; for a book synopsis by Troy Howell and also a question and answer session from book lovers in San Francisco last year. Thanks so very much!

  6. I think maybe Angharad and I need to bring our boys over to you for a visit and discussion about faeries. They have got themselves in a bit of a stew about some gnomes they saw, who they claim were rather mean and scary. In fact, Jude says one bit him :) xxx

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