Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Exploring with Elfie

I took advantage of the fact that we had a moment (literally) of sun today and Elfie and I drove (well, I drove –he panted) on to the moor just to see if it was still there. It was. We explored Hound Tor and got tangled in bracken and found crystals to bring home and chased a squirrel. I took these photos of hound tor and a small troll tor to show those of you who haven’t seen them before (and that’s probably quite a few of you). And if you have, well, that’s fine too. They are always worth another look! Now that we’ve finished the “Trolls” book, I can’t see these without thinking about the trolls that live on or in them, especially the little tor with the stone wall winding up to it. I’m sure if I watched for long enough, the troll would become completely visible. As it is, I certainly can see that he’s sleeping under a blanket of grass.

After the excitement of the squirrel and the tors, we drove on and took very winding roads that I really wasn't familiar with at all. Dartmoor can seem very big at times! Needless to say, I was soon totally lost -in fact I thought I’d ended up in Peru when I saw the llamas in the field but luckily I hadn't gone quite that far astray. Elfie says he knew exactly where we were at all times. I’d like to believe him but somehow I just can’t.

Here’s a photo of Mother Leap obviously telling her friend something quite exciting. I have no idea of what they are talking about. Trolls can be quite secretive.


  1. Mother Leap is probably spilling all the gossip from the Three Wishes Faery Festival that she went to.

  2. I love the moors, they have that unique, sad beauty. Glad you had a nice trip!

  3. Lovely photos, but you were further up the mountains than you thought - those are alpacas, not llamas!

  4. Oooh . . . alpacas! That explains it. And Happy Fourth of July to you, Mrs. Froud!

  5. Dear Wendy,
    I'm new to your blog, but my heart gave a bounce when I saw the link! Thank you so much for sharing moments from your enchanting life. You have been a great inspiration to me for so many years, it resonates so totally with my energy. My home is decorated with Froud images and books ;) I will eagerly be following your entries here. And I'm SO looking forward to enjoy the troll book!
    Blessings and fairydust from a norwegian woodland creature, who dwell among trolls and elves <3

  6. Mother Leap looks secretive indeed-wise and just a wee bit mischevious!