Monday, October 24, 2011

I Promise I'll sculpt something in mashed potatoes or cheese

I’ve been lying awake at night trying to remember everything I need to do before we leave for the States early next week. It’s sort of a nightmare waking or asleep and every time I think I’ve finally remembered everything and written it all down, something else pops into my head which sets off a whole new chain of things to remember! I woke this morning from a dream about FaerieCon in which I had forgotten to pack anything I needed for any of the things I’m going to be doing. It didn’t matter because I’d missed the workshops anyway! I haven’t had stress dreams like this in ages. If this is prophetic and I really DO forget everything, I promise I’ll sculpt something in mashed potatoes or cheese. (hmmmm-could be good!). 

We drove down to Cornwall this past weekend. Bodmin Moor is very different from Dartmoor where we are. It’s (to me anyway) a much bleaker place but perhaps that’s because the wind was fierce and freezing. Actually, it can be very beautiful. There are some amazing prehistoric sites and evidence of tin mining everywhere. And ponies. There are always ponies. 

Here is the ancient tree for this week. It’s in the gardens at Dartington Hall in South Devon and as far as we know, it’s one of the oldest yew trees in England. It is over 1500 years old -perhaps closer to 2000 years old. Standing under this tree is an experience that is almost impossible to put into words. It is SO very alive and watchful and absolutely “present” -if that makes sense. We were there this morning, standing under it, thinking about how many mornings this tree has seen. Staggering, when you think about it. 

I was looking through some of Brian’s old sketchbooks and found two pages I’d never seen before. I wanted to share them because they’re charming and say a lot about how mischievous Toby was when he was two or three. Not that I’d forgotten, but it was fun to be reminded in sketch form! 

And finally, a photo of Kira in our garden. It’s interesting to see her in scale with trees. She likes green! 

That’s it. I’m going to go back to worrying about what to pack and what not to forget. That should keep me busy for the rest of the week! 


  1. Travel safely, and I am sure you will remember all that you need. Although I am sure there will be many a volunteer at FaerieCon who would happily scamper across the way to the grocery to get you tin foil! Or some other mundane material with which you work your magic. Hopefully I will get to meet you this year, met Brian last year, but as I am vending upstairs I am tied to my table... Until the Realm...

  2. Such an amazing tree. I love the sketches of Toby, I'm afraid I gave up on trying to sketch my girls when they were little, they moved too quick, it was like trying to catch butterflies. And so lovely to see Kira again! I just recently purchased the new blu ray disk of 'The Dark Crystal' and spent a lovely afternoon watching it with my two little gelflings. Brought back memories!

  3. My mum sculpted a Dali themed piece from cheese once. It melted. A bit like that tree in your picture - it's like how a candle would look if it had been burning for hundreds of years!
    Charming pages from Brians sketchbook too - slightly different subject matter than usual!

  4. That ancient tree is so beautiful! I can make out several faces in the trunk (and can see where Brian gets some of his inspiration).

    Those sketches of Toby are just adorable. I love the little notes and scribbles describing the scenes. Shows a very doting father. :)

    Kira is beautiful. It's amazing how your creations bring a reality to the world occupying your imagination. So inspiring. :)

    Have a safe trip!